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Sunday, October 31, 2010

GhostTrappers autohunt bot fixed (again)

Hello everybody again!

I finally managed to get some free time in this long Halloween weekend to look at the Ghost Trappers auto hunt bookmarklet bot. The old bookmarklet code was broken by the change the GhostTrappers guys made that involved using an iframe to speed up the application (and I think for them is a very good idea).
I have already managed to fix the iMacro Autohunt by using the application directly from their website, effectively bypassing the iframe. Fixing the javascript bookmarklet has been a little trickier as now I have to redirect the initial page to the Ghost Trappers website or else it won't have enough permissions to reach the hunt link in the game.

Here is the new bookmarklet code:

Ghost Trappers Autohunt Bookmarklet

Instructions to use it are the same: bookmark the link, click on the bookmark to get redirected to the app site, click on the bookmark again to have the bookmarklet start, choose your cooldown time and click start; a new tab will open and do the auto hunt for you. You have to keep both the tabs open. I know that this is a bit annoying but there aren't other ways to make it work. Best way of using it is opening a new browser window, have both tabs open there and reduce this browser window to icon so that you can use your browser without any troubles.

Have fun!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

fixed ghost-trappers autohunt imacro for chrome

I have finally found some time to look at the recent Ghost Trappers issues (see my previous post for details). It seems that the only change is an iFrame that contains the application actual url.
I have alreday posted the fixed iMacro for firefox here. It has been easy because iMacros for firefox is a much more mature product and supports additional instructions and it is able to support multiple iframes.
iMacro for Chrome is pretty new instead and also full of bugs, also in its beta version 3.
I have however found an easy workaround that makes the iMacro work as before.
I just had to change the website to the URL pointed to by the iframe and everything started working again.

Here is the new iMacro autohunt bot for Chrome:
TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:http://*hunt.php*
To use it, follow the instruction from my previous post

Have fun catching your ghosts and let me know if this doesn't work for your!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fixed iMacro autohunt bot for Ghost Trappers

UPDATE: Some people reported that this iMacro is now broken. The one made for Chrome will work without problems with Firefox too. You can find it here: Fixed iChrome for Firefox and Chrome


As many people have told me in the past couple of days, the Ghost Trappers guy changed their game in a way that broke the autohunt bots, both the iMacro and the bookmarklet version.
As there are people urging me to release a fixed version (thanks! It's good to know that people actually use the tools you make!), I am releasing an early fixed version, with very limited testing, so that you will have something to use with Ghost Trappers. More will come as I manage to put more time on it.
The fastest fix I was able to do is for iMacros for Firefox. I used iMacro version 7.0.0 that seems to work quite well with the iframe the Ghost Trappers guys introduced in the game. You can find the iMacro extension here.

To use the fixed iMacro autohunt,activate the iMacros extension and record a new dummy macro by clicking the Record button and then clicking anywhere on the page.
Then stop the recording. This iMacro won't work. You need to change the code to have it working. Go to the macro list and click Edit Macro. Keep the first line (that should start with the VERSION command) and delete all the other lines. then insert these lines after the VERSION one:
This macro will autohunt every 900 seconds (that is 15 minutes). If you have a different cooldown time, just insert the appropriate number of seconds in place of 900.

I don't know if this macro will work on Google Chrome too, but I fear not, because the Chrome extension is a much lower version than the Firefox one. However I'll do more tests soon and hopefully I will be able to release a more compatible bookmarklet version too.

Have fun, and please report if it works for you or not, thanks!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Arielle and epic quests access for old Castle Age players

I had a surprise while using my new account to start again from level 0 with Castle Age. There are some kind of quests that are NOT available to older players. Those quests have skill points and a new general with the full armor set as final rewards. The new general is Arielle and is not a bad general at all. She can reach 18 Attack and 16 Defense (21/19  with full armor set) as stats and this is quite good for a starting player.
Looking around for information on these quests I learned that they are not available to older player but also that you can circumvent this fact by accessing the quests using direct links. This way I was able to obtain Arielle also with my higher level player profile.
Here are the direct links to use to access the Epic Quests that gives Arielle and her armor set:
Also here are a Couple of good walkthroughs about the Epic Quests:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

free castle age favor points

Now this is a nice surprise!
You are playing Castle Age like every day and have a look at your facebook news stream and find someone saying they've got 20 free favor points by clicking a link!
Now I just thought it was a scam of some kind, as there's plenty of this around...
Then I had a look at the link and noticed it was a CastleAge regular link...
So I tried it and, big surprise, it really worked!! Even though it works only once, it gives you 20 favor points for free. I would not give them away.

I want to share the link with you. Use this cheat, trick, bug or whatever you want to call it and tell your friends to use it too before CastleAge developers fix it!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

autoaccept friends request facebook bookmarklet

Now, say you want to start playing Castle Age (or Mafia Wars or Knighted or similar games) from scratch with a new Facebook profile because now you know the game very well.
First thing you need is friends. Many of them to build up your army to get fast to the 501 limit.
So you go and subscribe to all these Facebook AddMe, GrowYourArmy, FastAdd group and start writing "add me" everywhere and asking for friendship.
Then you come back after a while and have hundreds of friend requests pending in your facebook.
Clicking on each one of them is a pain. Normally you'd use JgrabAllGifts for such a thing but I just recently found out that its friend request accept feature is now broken.
So, scratching my own itch, I developed a new bookmarklet that does the job of accepting all the friend requests in your account for you. It is still a bit buggy but I want to release it anyway as I don't think I'll work on it again anytime soon.

Here it is, the facebook friends autoaccept bookmarklet script:
Facebook Friend Requests Auto Accept

To use it, bookmark the link, go to your Facebook requests page and click on the bookmark. It will accept a friend request every 2 seconds. Just let it work for you. It will show an alert when it's done.
Some friend requests will remain unaccepted, both because it still has some bugs, and also because it is limited to accepting at most 50 friend requests at time.
If you still have friend requests to accept, simply reload the requests page and click on the bookmarklet again until you are done.

Let me know what you think about this new bookmarklet!!
Have fun!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

fixed autojoin bot for castle age after facebook broke it

In the last couple of days Facebook (or the Castle Age developers, I don't know) has put some changes online that broke my last EliteGuard autojoin bookmarklet bot. The problem is that iframes are not allowed anymore.
So I just fixed this problem by making a new Elite Guard auto join bookmarklet that uses the old code that opens new windows/tabs but chooses guard members from your own army. That guarantees that you will have your elite guard filled every time you use it. Also this technique isn't traceable from Facebook or Castle Age developers so you can use it without worries.

Usage is the same: bookmark the link, click on it, if you are redirected click on it again and it should start working. If it doesn't, check your browser permission to open popups (for chrome you have to give permission to [*.] The recommended browser for this one is Firefox.

Let me know if this works for you. If you report problems it is more likely that I fix them, if I can.

Here is the fixed EliteGuard AutoJoin Bookmarklet Bot:

Elite Guard Auto Join Bookmarklet Bot

Have fun!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

autojoin castleage eliteguard bot

As in the past days the news feed from Castle Age wasn't working, I have come with a bookmarklet bot that does autojoin Elite Guard using the people in your army instead of those published in the news feed.
I also have used all the new techniques of the other recent bookmarklet I made.
This autojoin bot features:

  • works with every browser
  • no need to install extensions or other programs
  • the requirement of the additional tab/window has gone by using iframes
  • simple to use, just bookmark it
  • undetectable as it uses your browser to do actions like it was you
  • it will fill your elite guard
So here it is. Instructions are the same: bookmark it then click on it, wait for redirect and click on it again. Very simple.

AutoJoin Elite Guard bookmarklet bot

Let me know if this works for you!

Have fun!

Friday, July 16, 2010

levynlight autohunt bot script

With the last changes made to the game, the Levyn Light authors made it possible to use some autohunt javascript code the way I did with the other games.
So I wrote a new javascript bookmarklet autoplay bot for the game including all the improvements made so far. These includes requirements for only one webpage (you will no longer have more than one tab), programmable timeout for the auto hunt and status to know when the last autoplay event has been launched.
I really find this script useful. Please let me know if you think this too (feedback is always appreciated) and if it works or has problems or if there are features you may want.
The script will redirect to a particulare web address, different from the LevynLight homepage. This is intended and actually required by the code. If it redirected to the actual game homepage, the browser would not have launched the auto hunt.

So here it is the Levyn Light Auto Play bot script:
Levynlight autohunt bookmarklet

Instructions are the same: Bookmark the link, click on it to redirect to the starting url. Click on it again to activate it.

Have fun

Friday, July 9, 2010

FishWrangler auto fish bot

I have just developed a new technique for my autohunt cheats that does not require to open a new window/tab. And I have just applied this to a new (for me) game: FishWrangler!
Fish Wrangler is a typical passive game like MouseHunt or GhostTrappers where you have to hunt (or fish in this case) every 10 minutes to get your fish and progress with the game.
This autofish javascript bot that I created doesn't require a new window as it opens the game in the same webpage it is launched on.
So please just test this new technique and let me know if it works for you.
Here is the Fish Wrangler auto fish bot:
FishWrangler autofish

Bookmark it and launch it (as usual, you may have to launch it twice)

Have fun!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Updated MouseHunt bookmarklet bot


I have received some feedback from a user of my MouseHunt autohunt bookmarklet bot here telling me that the autohunt bot did not work.
After a while I was able to check and after the investigation I saw that MouseHunt programmers changed the hunt url and that broke my autohunt cheat. It could easily have been intentional and it probably broke many other cheat and the greasemonkey scripts too.
I was able to fix it quickly, it took just a while to test it before making this blog post.

So here it is the fixed MouseHunt autohunt bookmarklet bot:
MouseHunt autohunt bookmarklet cheat

To use it, use the same procedure described in my previous posts.
In short:
bookmark it
click on the bookmark once to be redirect to the game page
click on the bookmark another time to start the auto hunt.

I have been experiencing strange things when using the Chrome browser. In particular, the second webpage to the game (the one where the hunt are launched) is not refreshed by the browser when the script changes the url. So it seems that the cheat is not working. But just click on another window to the same game to see that it is actually running correctly.

Have fun

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New GhostTrappers autohunt bookmarklet version with variable timeout

Hi all. Having just recently got a new trap in Ghost Trappers that lowers my setup timeout from the standard 15 minutes of the game, I had to modify my autohunt bookmarklet bot to adapt to this new change.
I could easily change the code to timeout to 12 minutes (my actual setup) instead of 15 and that would have fit my needs but I decide instead to do a more general hack so that it could be useful to anyone instead of just me.
This new code will let you choose the timeout in minutes at the top of the page. What you need to do is just change the value if you need it and click on the start button to have it working. If you change the timeout value after it is already started, the next autohunt timeout will reflect the new value.

With this new code I have also hopefully fixed a very annoying memory leak that could cause the ghost trappers window to eat as much as 500 MB of memory. This should not happen anymore, but it will take a while to confirm this.

Also, I have notice that with recent versions of the Chrome browser, the ghost trappers autohunt window is not updated when timeout ends and it just seems like it stopped working. Actually this is not true as the autohunter is still working correctly as you can see by clicking on the camp link or by cheking the hunted ghost list. I don't know what is the cause of this bug at the moment.

Ok now here is the new Ghost Trappers Autohunt bookmarklet bot code. As usual, just bookmark this link and click on it to have it start:
Ghost Trappers Autohunt Bookmarklet v3

Have fun!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

levynlight autoplay bot

LevynLight is a game from HitGrab Labs, the same software house of MythMonger. It is pretty fun to play and seems to promise more fun as the game will go on. It is pretty new and still in open beta.
As it has the same play every 15 minutes requirements, I went and started writing a bookmarklet for it.
Unfortunately, LevynLight developers have created it in a way that my bookmarklets don't work. If someone has advice on how to do it, please tell me, I would really like to write one.
To get rid of this problem, I wrote an iMacro that autoplays the game.

I have also found that there is a way to embed iMacros in a link for the FireFox browser only.
So if you are using FireFox bookmark this link and click on the new bookmark whenever you want to run the bot:
LevynLight autoplay

If instead you are running Chrome, or want to insert the iMacro in your library, this is the code of the iMacro:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=ID:app377144924760_playbutton
When you have your iMacro in your iMacro library, set it to loop as many times as you want and click on Play Loop!

Friday, June 4, 2010

GhostTrappers monsters autoassist bookmarklet

Recently the developers of Ghost Trappers have added monsters to the game probably to get more social. Nice idea, but still in the early phases and not so appealing as little reward is given to any ghost monster helper. Also, the game feed is missing, thus you have no idea of who has a monster and needs help.
To work around this last problem, people have been creating facebook groups like this one where everyone post the link to his/her monster.
Now that is a good idea and works pretty well. But being pretty boring to click on each monster link and then on the assist button and being me very good at automating things, I wrote a new bookmarklet to help in this situation.
This GhostTrappers Monster Autoassist bookmarklet (as I named it :) ) works by gathering all the monster links it can see in the current page and open the assist link in a new window or tab. It will use just one additional window and change to the next monster every ten seconds. Also it is currently limited to the first 20 monster links it finds in the page.
Important: to use it you need to allow popups. Check your browser on how to do it.

Here is the GhostTrappers Monster Autoassist bookmarklet! Bookmark it an have fun!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

MythMonger autoplay bookmarklet

While looking around searching things about Facebook passive games like MouseHunt and Ghost Trappers, I came across another game of the same kind, MythMonger.
MythMonger is very similar in gameplay to the other games as you have to hunt or play every 10 minutes. Every time you encounter a card that is added to your collection if you win the duel. Then you can use these new cards to become stronger. The duels are influenced by the five elements rules (water kills fire, metal moves earth, water rusts metal, etc) so you have to choose what card is going to duel based on the kind of card you want to obtain.
It's nice but really slow.
That's way I already ported the autoplay (autohunt) bookmarklet bot to it! It has been easy as it works exactly like the other games.

So here is the MythMonger Autoplay bookmarklet bot. As usual with my bookmarklets, bookmark this link in the browser (by right clicking and choosing add bookmark, add favorite, bookmark this, whatever or by drag and dropping it on the bookmark bar), then click on the bookmark once to go to the game homepage, click on it another time to start the autoplayer. It will open a new window or tab where the autoplay will happen.

MythMonger Autoplay

Have fun!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

autohunt bookmarklet cheat for mousehunt

Hello everybody.
Mousehunt is another hunt (horn) based passive game on Facebook. To activate the trap to catch mouses you have to come back to the game every 15 minutes and sound the horn. Someone has create a bot to do the hunting for you that uses the greasemonkey javascript engine for Firefox or Chrome.
Instead of using the Mouse Hunt bot to play the game I changed my last autohunt bookmarklet code to autoplay Mousehunt. And it works really well.
This bookmarklet works in the same way the one for Ghost Trappers does. It redirects you to the Mouse Hunt Facebook game homepage if you are not there already (in this case remember to activate it again). Then it opens a new window/tab to the Mousehunt game where it does the auto hunt.

To use the bookmarklet, just bookmark it:
MouseHunt Autohorn
And click it twice. The first will take to the game page; the second will start the autohunt.

Please let me now if it works for you and if you think of any improvement!!

Have fun!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New AutoHunt bookmarklet script for Ghost Trappers

Hi everybody.

After developing the Autohunt iMacro described in my previous post and using it for a while I got tired of it because in Chrome (my main browser) the iMacros extensions has some annoying bugs.
Today I had a bit of spare time and decided to try an idea I have been having in my mind for a few days. It is basically an evolution of the Castle Age Elite Guard Autojoin I wrote some time ago and discussed here. It is a bookmarklet script that does the same thing the iMacro Auto Hunt does. But in a different way and has a big pro and some cons as well. The big pro is that it doesn't require a special extension anymore. Just bookmark it and click and use it and you're done. The cons is that due to how javascript programming works, it requires two browser windows instead of just one and the first window must not be closed or it will stop working. To prevent this, the script prints a warning a the head of the page so that you will know which one it is.
In the end, I feel it works better. Let me know if it works for you, what you think and of any possible improvement you can think of!

Here it is. Bookmark this link in your browser:

Ghost Trappers Autohunt

Then just click on the bookmark you just made to activate it.
Note: if with right click you see no "bookmark this link" option (as with Chrome), just try drag and dropping the link to the bookmarks bar.

Have fun!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Automatically send bulk gifts to friends on Castle age

Hello everybody.

With the recent additions to the CastleAge facebook game, it is pretty useful to have unused alchemy stuff. I'm talking about the goblin emporium where you are able to trade 10 unused alchemy item with a random object. This is really a good idea from the Castle Age staff to give importance to otherwise unused items.

What I'm about to describe is a nice hack (or cheat as some of you may call it) to gift a friend a very large number of objects automatically. You could also do it for yourself by using an additional Castle Age account but this is not recommended as it is against game policies to have more than one account per person.
I used for testing this hack two browser so that I could have two facebook accounts open at the same time, mine and that of my friend who helped me.

Before starting I installed this extensions on the browsers:

  • Chrome Refresh for Chrome (a new refresh icon will appear on the right of the address bar)
  • ReloadEvery for Firefox. Restart Firefox after installation (this extension adds a menu that actives when you right-click somewhere on the page)

The procedure is somewhat similar to what I described in a previous post.

Now take Firefox with facebook logged with your friend's account and go to Castle Age, then Army and Send Gifts tab. Choose the gift you want to bulk send (I suggest that you choose one that the Goblin Emporium accepts) and choose your own facebook account from the list. Proceed to send the gift until the answer from the game is "1 request sent".

Now keep Firefox like this and start up Chrome. Log in to your own Facebook account, head up to the friend request page and accept the gift your friend has just sent. Now comes the hack part: click on the Chrome Refresh extension icon, set 30 seconds and click start. Leave it refreshing like this.

Go back to Firefox, click on the arrow next to the reload icon, choose 30 seconds there too. Watch this reload process. Firefox will ask if you want the request data to be sent again with the refresh event. Say yes. Then it will ask again if you want the data to be sent at every refresh, say yes again.

The trick is done. As long as you keep both browsers like this you'll have a constant flow of gift from one account to the other. Just try to keep the volume low or else the developers could get suspicious and decide that what you do is against the policy and delete the accounts. You have been warned.

Have fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010

autohunt cheat for mousehunt on facebook

Hey all.
The MouseHunt game on facebook is really similar to the Ghost Trappers game and they both requires you to hunt every 15 minutes. It has been really simple to change the GhostTrappers auto hunt iMacro cheat (described here) to adapt it to MouseHunt and get an auto horn cheat.

Follow the instruction described in my previous post to install iMacros for your browser (Firefox or Chrome). These are the lines of the iMacro that have to be put after the first:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:*soundthehorn.php*

Pretty easy, wasn't it? I'll try to get other versions of these autohunt cheats that don't require the extension to be installed. Come back often for updates!

Have fun with your new MouseHunt autohorn cheat!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Autojoin your elite guard on Castle Age

Hello all.

When playing CastleAge on Facebook, you have to get back to the game very often.
Also, at least once a day you have to browse the Castle Age newsfeed for elite guard requests to populate your elite guard so that you are stronger in fights with the other players and deal more damage to monsters. This is quite boring and repetitive, also because if the other players elite guard is already full, you can't join it and have to look for other players.
As I play CastleAge every day, I had enough of this boring repetitive clicking. So I wrote a little javascript bookmarklet that could do the job for me. It's code it's pretty simple, and all it does is scan the page for elite guard join links and open them in new windows. It is a very rough hack so don't expect much from it. But it gets the job done.
Using it is very simple. Just bookmark this AutoJoinEliteGuard link with your favorite browser and go to the Castle Age Facebook newsfeed, elite guard section (or just click here: It won't work if you're not at that page. When the page has finished loading, just click on the AutoJoinEliteGuard bookmark and it will click on the links for you.
Warning, the script opens a new window for each elite guard join link it finds, so don't be scared. It usually opens more than twenty pages for me.
Wait for the pages to load and close them.

I'll try to get a more polite version as soon as I have some free time to work on it.

Let me know what you think of it!

Have fun

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cafe World blocked stoves tip

When playing Cafè World the cook spends a lot of time passing from a stove to another so that it is difficult to optimize it and big time is wasted.
A very simple but effective way is to position all the stoves so that the cook does not have access to them. This is accomplished by rotating them so that access to the controls are blocked by the wall or another stove. Here is an example:

The result is that your cook will be able to do all the things on the stove without moving at all!!
This tip and using  superstoves are the best time killers for Cafe World.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Castle Age auto attack and auto defend cheat


While playing Castle Age on facebook you often choose a monster/dragon to fight and want to use all your stamina or energy in this fight. This can be a tedious task that requires a lot of clicking (depending on your energy/stamina) and also a lot of time as the game doesn't allow you to click too fast.
There is a simple trick that allows you to just set it up and come back after all your energy/stamina has been used.
First you have to install an auto reload extension in your browser:
if you use Google Chrome click here
if you use Firefox click here (you might have to restart your browser)

When you have the auto reload extension installed successfully go to Castle Age, choose your monster and do the attack if you want to use the stamina or dispel magic/defense/whatever if you want to use the energy.
After the first attack/defense you should see a link with the text "Attack again" or "Defend again" just below the attack result. Right click on that link and choose open in new tab or in new window as per your likings.
This new tab/window will have a full url that specifies the attack/defense action. Just set up this tab/window to be reloaded every time interval (be sure to use 10 seconds or more) and your character will fight the monster for you!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Auto accepting all requests and gifts in Mafiawars Castleage and others

Hello all.
When playing a lot of games on facebook and having a big army/neighbors number/whatever you often login to facebook to see dozens of request from each game. Accepting them all is a very time consuming process as it requires you to click, go to the game page, do something and get back to the request page and start again.

A way to automate this process exists and actually works really well. It supports a lot of applications on facebook (I think I actually never found an app that can not be handled this way) including Mafia Wars, Castle Age, Farmville, Cafè World. It is a bookmarklet from Josh Miller and can be found here.
It is really easy to use.
First point your browser to the bookmarklet page. Scroll down till you see the JGrabAllGifts box. Then bookmark this link (or drag it to the bookmarks bar if you are using Chrome).
After this, go your facebook home, click here to go to your facebook requests page. This steps is important because JGrabAllGifts works only if invoked from the requests page.
Now click on the bookmark you did before. The interface of JGrabAllGifts will appear on the right of the page. Now first click "scan page for apps I use". This will produce a list of application identifiers. Copy the ones you are interested in to the above box, select the max number of gifts to accept and click start. It is better to try just one gift first to see if it is working. It usually requires you to allow popups for the facebook site since it opens new windows to work. If you don't allow it, the gifts will be lost.
It is also a good idea to manually accept some gifts if they give you bonuses, like those of Mafia Wars do. When you got the daily bonuses, start JGrabAllGifts.

In the end, you'll enjoy JGrabAllGifts a lot. It is a great timesaver and it is updated often from the author. A very good tool!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Best way to cheat with Mafia Wars

Hello all.
Cheating with Mafia Wars has been made a lot easier by the introduction of the Mafia Wars Autoplayer script. It is a user script written for GreaseMonkey, an extension for Firefox that is now included in Google Chrome too.
The autoplayer is very complete and very up to date. You can leave it playing for you for hours. The only thing is that it will eat up some resources from your computer, so you might think to leave it running when your not using your pc if it is not a recent model.
The version for Google Chrome seems to be a little faster.

Now to the actual cheat.
If you are using Google Chrome, just go to the Mafia Wars Autoplayer for Chrome page and click  Install. You then might have to restart your browser and access Mafia Wars.
If you are using Firefox you have to install GreaseMonkey first. Go to the GreaseMonkey for Firefox page, click Download now and click on install when asked. Then restart Firefox, go to the Mafia Wars Autoplayer page and click Install.

By now you should see the autoplayer interface whenever you go to the Mafia Wars page.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tips and Tricks for Castle Age Facebook

These are a couple of websites with very good information on how to play the Castle Age on Facebook game.
First one is a collection of tips and you can find it at:

The other one is a complete wiki created by Castle Age users. You can find it at:

This site really has everything you wanted to know about the game. It is also always up to date.

I'm working on a cheat to auto add people to your Elite Army. Be sure to get back from time to time to see if I was able to complete it.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

ghost trappers auto hunt cheat using imacro

IMPORTANT: Seems like this iMacro is not working anymore, see below for details

Hey everybody.

It seems that around there is no cheat for the Ghost Trappers game on Facebook.
At least, I could not find one. So here it is a cheat that enables auto hunting for the game.
Beware that this will not allow you to avoid the captcha that the game shows every now and then and when it does you'll need to restart the cheat. So check the game at least every hour.

Now to the cheat. You have to use either Chrome or Firefox browsers and install the iMacros extension.
If you use Google Chrome download it here: iMacros for Chrome
If you use Firefox download it here: iMacros for Firefox

Now go to the Ghost Trappers game, activate the iMacros extension and record a new dummy macro by clicking the Record button and then clicking anywhere on the page.
Then stop the recording. This iMacro won't work. You need to change the code to have it working. Go to the macro list and click Edit Macro. Keep the first line (that should start with the VERSION command) and delete all the other lines. then insert these lines after the VERSION one:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:http://*hunt.php*

Here is what the final result will look like for the Chrome browser (Firefox has different version number):

TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:http://*hunt.php*
That is for a 15 minutes cooldown time. Those who are lucky to have a lower timer can change the SECONDS amount to what they need.
Now go to the game page, wait for the "Let's go Hunt" button to appear, click play loop for how many times you want and enjoy this autohunter!

WARNING! Please note that cheating and auto hunting is against game policy and that the game publishers could take action against you if you use it. I decline every responsibility if you use it.

Seems like the Ghost Trappers guys changed the game in October 2010, so this iMacro doesn't work anymore. Look here for an updated version!