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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Castle Age auto attack and auto defend cheat


While playing Castle Age on facebook you often choose a monster/dragon to fight and want to use all your stamina or energy in this fight. This can be a tedious task that requires a lot of clicking (depending on your energy/stamina) and also a lot of time as the game doesn't allow you to click too fast.
There is a simple trick that allows you to just set it up and come back after all your energy/stamina has been used.
First you have to install an auto reload extension in your browser:
if you use Google Chrome click here
if you use Firefox click here (you might have to restart your browser)

When you have the auto reload extension installed successfully go to Castle Age, choose your monster and do the attack if you want to use the stamina or dispel magic/defense/whatever if you want to use the energy.
After the first attack/defense you should see a link with the text "Attack again" or "Defend again" just below the attack result. Right click on that link and choose open in new tab or in new window as per your likings.
This new tab/window will have a full url that specifies the attack/defense action. Just set up this tab/window to be reloaded every time interval (be sure to use 10 seconds or more) and your character will fight the monster for you!!


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  1. if you use Opera simply right-click and choose "Reloed Every >"