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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

autojoin castleage eliteguard bot

As in the past days the news feed from Castle Age wasn't working, I have come with a bookmarklet bot that does autojoin Elite Guard using the people in your army instead of those published in the news feed.
I also have used all the new techniques of the other recent bookmarklet I made.
This autojoin bot features:

  • works with every browser
  • no need to install extensions or other programs
  • the requirement of the additional tab/window has gone by using iframes
  • simple to use, just bookmark it
  • undetectable as it uses your browser to do actions like it was you
  • it will fill your elite guard
So here it is. Instructions are the same: bookmark it then click on it, wait for redirect and click on it again. Very simple.

AutoJoin Elite Guard bookmarklet bot

Let me know if this works for you!

Have fun!

Friday, July 16, 2010

levynlight autohunt bot script

With the last changes made to the game, the Levyn Light authors made it possible to use some autohunt javascript code the way I did with the other games.
So I wrote a new javascript bookmarklet autoplay bot for the game including all the improvements made so far. These includes requirements for only one webpage (you will no longer have more than one tab), programmable timeout for the auto hunt and status to know when the last autoplay event has been launched.
I really find this script useful. Please let me know if you think this too (feedback is always appreciated) and if it works or has problems or if there are features you may want.
The script will redirect to a particulare web address, different from the LevynLight homepage. This is intended and actually required by the code. If it redirected to the actual game homepage, the browser would not have launched the auto hunt.

So here it is the Levyn Light Auto Play bot script:
Levynlight autohunt bookmarklet

Instructions are the same: Bookmark the link, click on it to redirect to the starting url. Click on it again to activate it.

Have fun

Friday, July 9, 2010

FishWrangler auto fish bot

I have just developed a new technique for my autohunt cheats that does not require to open a new window/tab. And I have just applied this to a new (for me) game: FishWrangler!
Fish Wrangler is a typical passive game like MouseHunt or GhostTrappers where you have to hunt (or fish in this case) every 10 minutes to get your fish and progress with the game.
This autofish javascript bot that I created doesn't require a new window as it opens the game in the same webpage it is launched on.
So please just test this new technique and let me know if it works for you.
Here is the Fish Wrangler auto fish bot:
FishWrangler autofish

Bookmark it and launch it (as usual, you may have to launch it twice)

Have fun!