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Thursday, August 26, 2010

autoaccept friends request facebook bookmarklet

Now, say you want to start playing Castle Age (or Mafia Wars or Knighted or similar games) from scratch with a new Facebook profile because now you know the game very well.
First thing you need is friends. Many of them to build up your army to get fast to the 501 limit.
So you go and subscribe to all these Facebook AddMe, GrowYourArmy, FastAdd group and start writing "add me" everywhere and asking for friendship.
Then you come back after a while and have hundreds of friend requests pending in your facebook.
Clicking on each one of them is a pain. Normally you'd use JgrabAllGifts for such a thing but I just recently found out that its friend request accept feature is now broken.
So, scratching my own itch, I developed a new bookmarklet that does the job of accepting all the friend requests in your account for you. It is still a bit buggy but I want to release it anyway as I don't think I'll work on it again anytime soon.

Here it is, the facebook friends autoaccept bookmarklet script:
Facebook Friend Requests Auto Accept

To use it, bookmark the link, go to your Facebook requests page and click on the bookmark. It will accept a friend request every 2 seconds. Just let it work for you. It will show an alert when it's done.
Some friend requests will remain unaccepted, both because it still has some bugs, and also because it is limited to accepting at most 50 friend requests at time.
If you still have friend requests to accept, simply reload the requests page and click on the bookmarklet again until you are done.

Let me know what you think about this new bookmarklet!!
Have fun!

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