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Monday, April 19, 2010

Best way to cheat with Mafia Wars

Hello all.
Cheating with Mafia Wars has been made a lot easier by the introduction of the Mafia Wars Autoplayer script. It is a user script written for GreaseMonkey, an extension for Firefox that is now included in Google Chrome too.
The autoplayer is very complete and very up to date. You can leave it playing for you for hours. The only thing is that it will eat up some resources from your computer, so you might think to leave it running when your not using your pc if it is not a recent model.
The version for Google Chrome seems to be a little faster.

Now to the actual cheat.
If you are using Google Chrome, just go to the Mafia Wars Autoplayer for Chrome page and click  Install. You then might have to restart your browser and access Mafia Wars.
If you are using Firefox you have to install GreaseMonkey first. Go to the GreaseMonkey for Firefox page, click Download now and click on install when asked. Then restart Firefox, go to the Mafia Wars Autoplayer page and click Install.

By now you should see the autoplayer interface whenever you go to the Mafia Wars page.


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