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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Castle Age Elite Guard AutoFill updated

Finally I found some time to update one of the bookmarklets I use often. It is the Castle Age EliteGuard AutoFill (AutoJoin was the old name). For those who don't use it, it helps CastleAge players that need the bonuses given by having the Elite Guard full.
Basically the bookmarklet parses the list of the player friends that have sent a "join my elite guard" request and accepts them automatically up to a max of 40 requests.

This new version has been updated to be less invasive (the previous version opened way too much windows) and more accurate.

The bookmarklet needs to be invoked twice. The first will relocate you to the Castle Age game homepage on Facebook. The second invocation will start the true work.
It will open two other windows and you have to keep the three windows open, but you can minimize them without problem. At the end, the windows will close automatically and your EliteGuard will be full.

Here is the bookmarklet:

As usual, to use it, you have to bookmark that link by right clicking on it or by dragging it to the bookmarks bar (depends on your browser).

Have fun!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Farmville autoclick for Linux script

And yes, I finally got caught by Farm Ville game from Zynga. It is a very addictive game, no wonder there are millions of player.

Now as a good fan of automation scripts and a Linux operating system user, I have searched around for an existing program to cheat with Farmville to automatically click all the fields and plant or harvest all that huge number of fields without buying fuel from the game.
There are many bots and programs around that can automate these actions, but nothing for Linux.

So I decided to write my own and after a day of hacking around, I now have a working prototype of the bot. It is very work in progress but it is actually useful. You might want to try it and send some feedback or correction or improvement, that would be really appreciated.

I plan to release updates to this tool soon as I already have ideas on how to improve the program but not enough free time to do it right now.

Now to the technical part. This program is a Python script and to use it you have to install the python-xlib and python-gtk modules. If you are using a Debian/Ubuntu distribution, this command will do it for you:
sudo apt-get install python-xlib python-gtk2
You can download the script from this link:

To use it, login to Facebook and point your browser to the Farmville game page. Be sure there are no open dialogs in the game window (like offers, gift from friends, etc..) and select the tool you want to automate (plow or plant, for example). Keep this browser window open and open a new terminal window, change to the directory where you downloaded the bot and execute this command:
sleep 5; python
Immediately after you run the command, switch to the Farmville browser window and wait. After the five second timeout, the mouse cursor will turn into a cross and will allow you to select a rectangle from the Farmville game window. Click on the Farmville game, keep the button pressed, drag the cursor to define the area you want clicked and release the mouse button when you're done. The autoclicker will click all the selected area for you.

This script is still in its early stages, so you might have to try more than one time to have it working.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog if you want to automatically receive updates when new versions are released. To do so, use the Follow link at the top right part of the blog page.

Feedback, bug fixes, suggestions, whatever are really appreciated.

Mandatory warning: autoclicking is against Farm Ville terms of service and using this cheat might have you banned from the game (although I think it should be pretty difficult to discover). Use at your risk.

This tool might also work with other operating systems such as Windows and Mac Os X as I used standard python modules, but I don't have them at hand and could not test it.

Have fun!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Castle Age Apprentice link gone

It has been a while now that the apprentice link from the homepage of CastleAge has gone.
But I still had to get some rewards from my apprentices and did not know how to get them. It was not nice, because there are some valuables between the apprentice rewards. Mostly are small energy refills and temporary attack and defense boosts, but there are also skill points and favor points too! There is also the general Chase, but you there are other ways in the game to get him, so that doesn't count that much.
Here is the Full list of apprentice rewards

Searching around, I was able to find an old link pointing to the Masters and Apprentice section of the game. And luckily, it is still working! It seems the removed just the link in the homepage but left all the logic working in the game.
That has been a good news.
Now go get any reward you have left: Castle Age Master and Apprentice

It seems to be working for successive rewards too!

Have fun!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fish Wrangler auto fish

Things have changed lately for Fish Wrangler game. Now you have variable fishing interval, depending on what you fish and the bonus you get. Making a bot that is able to read the page and adjust the autofishing timeout accordingly is pretty difficult.

Luckily, there is a very simple but effective trick, that allows you to leave your pc alone for longer periods of time while still fishing for you. You will have to get back to it every now and then to check for the treasure chest (the game captha protection), though. But this is acceptable, and let you enjoy the game while not wasting to much of your time. Especially if you play while working, this could definitely help a lot.

This simple trick is to install an extension that allows your browser to automatically reload the current page at given time interval, such those described in this previous post on CastleAge and Goblin Emporium :
  • Chrome Refresh for Chrome (a new refresh icon will appear on the right of the address bar)
  • ReloadEvery for Firefox. Restart Firefox after installation (this extension adds a menu that actives when you right-click somewhere on the page)

Obviously, if your browser already has an autoreload capability, you can use that one.

Then click on this FishWrangler Game link to go to FishWrangler facebook game. This should have activated the fish action for you and should show the countdown to the next trip. If it didn't, just do whatever the page ask you to (the treasure box question, for example) and then try clicking again on the link.

Now, just set up the auto reload for that page with an interval of one minute and you will cover all the possible time intervals of the game. If the page is reloaded and the time interval has not ended yet, nothing bad will happen. If the time interval is finished, reloading will have you fish again.

Very simple and very effective!!

As usual, I have to warn you that auto fishing, bots and strategies like this one might be considered as cheating from the game developers that could ban you if they catch you using them. You have been warned.

Have fun!