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Saturday, June 19, 2010

New GhostTrappers autohunt bookmarklet version with variable timeout

Hi all. Having just recently got a new trap in Ghost Trappers that lowers my setup timeout from the standard 15 minutes of the game, I had to modify my autohunt bookmarklet bot to adapt to this new change.
I could easily change the code to timeout to 12 minutes (my actual setup) instead of 15 and that would have fit my needs but I decide instead to do a more general hack so that it could be useful to anyone instead of just me.
This new code will let you choose the timeout in minutes at the top of the page. What you need to do is just change the value if you need it and click on the start button to have it working. If you change the timeout value after it is already started, the next autohunt timeout will reflect the new value.

With this new code I have also hopefully fixed a very annoying memory leak that could cause the ghost trappers window to eat as much as 500 MB of memory. This should not happen anymore, but it will take a while to confirm this.

Also, I have notice that with recent versions of the Chrome browser, the ghost trappers autohunt window is not updated when timeout ends and it just seems like it stopped working. Actually this is not true as the autohunter is still working correctly as you can see by clicking on the camp link or by cheking the hunted ghost list. I don't know what is the cause of this bug at the moment.

Ok now here is the new Ghost Trappers Autohunt bookmarklet bot code. As usual, just bookmark this link and click on it to have it start:
Ghost Trappers Autohunt Bookmarklet v3

Have fun!


  1. seem like you have to redo the autohunt bookmarklet due to the recent change in GT...
    and if you do so, can you also update the code for the imacro??
    in my opinion, i still prefer the autohunt with imacro

  2. I have checked and yes, the Ghost Trappers guys have changed the app and broke the autohunters I made.
    I will try to develop a fix this weekend.
    I'll post it as soon as it gets ready.
    Thanks for reporting this problem!