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Monday, May 24, 2010

autohunt bookmarklet cheat for mousehunt

Hello everybody.
Mousehunt is another hunt (horn) based passive game on Facebook. To activate the trap to catch mouses you have to come back to the game every 15 minutes and sound the horn. Someone has create a bot to do the hunting for you that uses the greasemonkey javascript engine for Firefox or Chrome.
Instead of using the Mouse Hunt bot to play the game I changed my last autohunt bookmarklet code to autoplay Mousehunt. And it works really well.
This bookmarklet works in the same way the one for Ghost Trappers does. It redirects you to the Mouse Hunt Facebook game homepage if you are not there already (in this case remember to activate it again). Then it opens a new window/tab to the Mousehunt game where it does the auto hunt.

To use the bookmarklet, just bookmark it:
MouseHunt Autohorn
And click it twice. The first will take to the game page; the second will start the autohunt.

Please let me now if it works for you and if you think of any improvement!!

Have fun!


  1. can't make it to work.
    i clicked twice and it came out with 1 of the autohunt and the another with the same game page.
    But after 15mins the horns are still not pressed..

    using Chrome, pls provide us specific steps.

  2. Hello and thanks for your feedback.
    As soon as the new tab to the same game page is open, the bookmarklet should be up and running.
    Just leave both tabs open.
    I'm using Chrome too and it works for me.
    I noticed just one weird thing. With recent versions of Chrome the game page is NOT updated and it seems that the hunt is not started even though it is actually working in the background.
    Try clicking on the camp button on the 2nd opened tab to see if the timer has been started again.
    Also check in the hunt log if hunts have been started or not.

  3. Here are my steps, hope you can help..
    1:open browser, click twice on the bookmarked link. Now i have 2 identical pages but the 1st with the heading as AUTOHUNT BOOKMARKLET..blahblahblah.
    2:now which horn should i start? what must i do afterwards?

    thanks again!

  4. after that, i pressed both horns on either page but after 15mins, the next horn was not pressed automatically.. Why is this so??HELP!

  5. Hello again and thanks again for reporting the issue!

    I finally had the time to look into the issue.
    It seems that the Mousehunt programmers have changed the hunt url and that broke the bookmarklet. I have found a fix that could work both with old url and with new url.
    I will be releasing this new bookmarklet code in a new blog post shortly.

    Thanks again!

  6. can you tell me wads the new blog? thanks