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Sunday, October 31, 2010

GhostTrappers autohunt bot fixed (again)

Hello everybody again!

I finally managed to get some free time in this long Halloween weekend to look at the Ghost Trappers auto hunt bookmarklet bot. The old bookmarklet code was broken by the change the GhostTrappers guys made that involved using an iframe to speed up the application (and I think for them is a very good idea).
I have already managed to fix the iMacro Autohunt by using the application directly from their website, effectively bypassing the iframe. Fixing the javascript bookmarklet has been a little trickier as now I have to redirect the initial page to the Ghost Trappers website or else it won't have enough permissions to reach the hunt link in the game.

Here is the new bookmarklet code:

Ghost Trappers Autohunt Bookmarklet

Instructions to use it are the same: bookmark the link, click on the bookmark to get redirected to the app site, click on the bookmark again to have the bookmarklet start, choose your cooldown time and click start; a new tab will open and do the auto hunt for you. You have to keep both the tabs open. I know that this is a bit annoying but there aren't other ways to make it work. Best way of using it is opening a new browser window, have both tabs open there and reduce this browser window to icon so that you can use your browser without any troubles.

Have fun!


  1. It doesn't seem to work for firefox anymore.

  2. It's working for me with firefox.
    What problem have you got?

  3. does it bypass the captcha?
    the autohunt works great
    but it stops at the captcha
    using firefox

  4. Sorry but it does not work with the captcha

  5. how does it works does it still works ?? even today !?

  6. how to change the hunt time ?

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