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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Updated MouseHunt bookmarklet bot


I have received some feedback from a user of my MouseHunt autohunt bookmarklet bot here telling me that the autohunt bot did not work.
After a while I was able to check and after the investigation I saw that MouseHunt programmers changed the hunt url and that broke my autohunt cheat. It could easily have been intentional and it probably broke many other cheat and the greasemonkey scripts too.
I was able to fix it quickly, it took just a while to test it before making this blog post.

So here it is the fixed MouseHunt autohunt bookmarklet bot:
MouseHunt autohunt bookmarklet cheat

To use it, use the same procedure described in my previous posts.
In short:
bookmark it
click on the bookmark once to be redirect to the game page
click on the bookmark another time to start the auto hunt.

I have been experiencing strange things when using the Chrome browser. In particular, the second webpage to the game (the one where the hunt are launched) is not refreshed by the browser when the script changes the url. So it seems that the cheat is not working. But just click on another window to the same game to see that it is actually running correctly.

Have fun


  1. Finally! i can't wait for this man. OMG thanks! Hope that i could use more of ur cheats from now! if there is anymore problems i will let u know thanks!

  2. Hi, im back again.
    can i request a cheat on EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars on facebook?

  3. Hello!
    I have had a look at that game but I'm sorry I'm not able to create a cheat for it.
    It is a flash based game and I don't know how to hack it.

  4. Hi! I am new to iMacro so I need your help please! I play Mousehunt and LevynLight and I have 2 questions:

    1) For LevynLight, when using the macro, do I have to keep the LevynLight tab open? and do I need to keep iMacro open as well?

    2) For Mousehunt, do I have to keep two tabs open? Don't you have something like LevynLight that (from what I know now) only keeps one tab open?