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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Autojoin your elite guard on Castle Age

Hello all.

When playing CastleAge on Facebook, you have to get back to the game very often.
Also, at least once a day you have to browse the Castle Age newsfeed for elite guard requests to populate your elite guard so that you are stronger in fights with the other players and deal more damage to monsters. This is quite boring and repetitive, also because if the other players elite guard is already full, you can't join it and have to look for other players.
As I play CastleAge every day, I had enough of this boring repetitive clicking. So I wrote a little javascript bookmarklet that could do the job for me. It's code it's pretty simple, and all it does is scan the page for elite guard join links and open them in new windows. It is a very rough hack so don't expect much from it. But it gets the job done.
Using it is very simple. Just bookmark this AutoJoinEliteGuard link with your favorite browser and go to the Castle Age Facebook newsfeed, elite guard section (or just click here: It won't work if you're not at that page. When the page has finished loading, just click on the AutoJoinEliteGuard bookmark and it will click on the links for you.
Warning, the script opens a new window for each elite guard join link it finds, so don't be scared. It usually opens more than twenty pages for me.
Wait for the pages to load and close them.

I'll try to get a more polite version as soon as I have some free time to work on it.

Let me know what you think of it!

Have fun


  1. yo its nice~ better than nothing :) keep up the good work