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Friday, June 4, 2010

GhostTrappers monsters autoassist bookmarklet

Recently the developers of Ghost Trappers have added monsters to the game probably to get more social. Nice idea, but still in the early phases and not so appealing as little reward is given to any ghost monster helper. Also, the game feed is missing, thus you have no idea of who has a monster and needs help.
To work around this last problem, people have been creating facebook groups like this one where everyone post the link to his/her monster.
Now that is a good idea and works pretty well. But being pretty boring to click on each monster link and then on the assist button and being me very good at automating things, I wrote a new bookmarklet to help in this situation.
This GhostTrappers Monster Autoassist bookmarklet (as I named it :) ) works by gathering all the monster links it can see in the current page and open the assist link in a new window or tab. It will use just one additional window and change to the next monster every ten seconds. Also it is currently limited to the first 20 monster links it finds in the page.
Important: to use it you need to allow popups. Check your browser on how to do it.

Here is the GhostTrappers Monster Autoassist bookmarklet! Bookmark it an have fun!!


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for a really cool script that works wonders :)
    There is one small problem, that is if the Ghost Monster link does not include &ref=nf or &ref=mf at the end it will just take me back to the Camp page of GT.
    If the link does include &ref=nf or &ref=mf ; it works wonderfully :)
    I hope this could be updated or improved upon in the future. I would try to tweak it myself but i have no knowledge of Javascript.

  2. Hello and thank you for reporting this issue.
    I will investigate it and see if I can provide a fixed bookmarklet as soon as I have some time to work on it.


  3. I have looked into this issue.
    I have found that it works also for links that do NOT include ref=nf or ref=mf parameter.
    The links that take you to the Camp page are those that has been already clicked, that is the monster that you have already assisted.
    So I think this is not an issue, then :)
    Can you confirm this?

  4. yes, when i tested further i found that it does work :)
    now only 1 thing left to nag you about LOL~
    i'm trying to use this on some assist group's wall and ran into one minor issue, is there any way for it to remember clicked (assisted) links ?

  5. Hello.

    I have looked around a bit and to change the bookmarklet so that it can remember the clicked links is a bit difficult and involves setting cookies and changing the bookmarklet logic quite a bit.
    I don't plan to do it right now as I am looking into making some simpler enhancements.
    Do you think that it is really annoying seeing already clicked links?
    Just let it work in the background and don't care what it does. Do it regularly and you'll easily click all the links.

    Thanks for your feedback again.

  6. Is there any way to get the new window to close automatically?

  7. Can this bookmarklet close the new tabs after assist or only show it in one tab?