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Sunday, October 31, 2010

GhostTrappers autohunt bot fixed (again)

Hello everybody again!

I finally managed to get some free time in this long Halloween weekend to look at the Ghost Trappers auto hunt bookmarklet bot. The old bookmarklet code was broken by the change the GhostTrappers guys made that involved using an iframe to speed up the application (and I think for them is a very good idea).
I have already managed to fix the iMacro Autohunt by using the application directly from their website, effectively bypassing the iframe. Fixing the javascript bookmarklet has been a little trickier as now I have to redirect the initial page to the Ghost Trappers website or else it won't have enough permissions to reach the hunt link in the game.

Here is the new bookmarklet code:

Ghost Trappers Autohunt Bookmarklet

Instructions to use it are the same: bookmark the link, click on the bookmark to get redirected to the app site, click on the bookmark again to have the bookmarklet start, choose your cooldown time and click start; a new tab will open and do the auto hunt for you. You have to keep both the tabs open. I know that this is a bit annoying but there aren't other ways to make it work. Best way of using it is opening a new browser window, have both tabs open there and reduce this browser window to icon so that you can use your browser without any troubles.

Have fun!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

fixed ghost-trappers autohunt imacro for chrome

I have finally found some time to look at the recent Ghost Trappers issues (see my previous post for details). It seems that the only change is an iFrame that contains the application actual url.
I have alreday posted the fixed iMacro for firefox here. It has been easy because iMacros for firefox is a much more mature product and supports additional instructions and it is able to support multiple iframes.
iMacro for Chrome is pretty new instead and also full of bugs, also in its beta version 3.
I have however found an easy workaround that makes the iMacro work as before.
I just had to change the website to the URL pointed to by the iframe and everything started working again.

Here is the new iMacro autohunt bot for Chrome:
TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:http://*hunt.php*
To use it, follow the instruction from my previous post

Have fun catching your ghosts and let me know if this doesn't work for your!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fixed iMacro autohunt bot for Ghost Trappers

UPDATE: Some people reported that this iMacro is now broken. The one made for Chrome will work without problems with Firefox too. You can find it here: Fixed iChrome for Firefox and Chrome


As many people have told me in the past couple of days, the Ghost Trappers guy changed their game in a way that broke the autohunt bots, both the iMacro and the bookmarklet version.
As there are people urging me to release a fixed version (thanks! It's good to know that people actually use the tools you make!), I am releasing an early fixed version, with very limited testing, so that you will have something to use with Ghost Trappers. More will come as I manage to put more time on it.
The fastest fix I was able to do is for iMacros for Firefox. I used iMacro version 7.0.0 that seems to work quite well with the iframe the Ghost Trappers guys introduced in the game. You can find the iMacro extension here.

To use the fixed iMacro autohunt,activate the iMacros extension and record a new dummy macro by clicking the Record button and then clicking anywhere on the page.
Then stop the recording. This iMacro won't work. You need to change the code to have it working. Go to the macro list and click Edit Macro. Keep the first line (that should start with the VERSION command) and delete all the other lines. then insert these lines after the VERSION one:
This macro will autohunt every 900 seconds (that is 15 minutes). If you have a different cooldown time, just insert the appropriate number of seconds in place of 900.

I don't know if this macro will work on Google Chrome too, but I fear not, because the Chrome extension is a much lower version than the Firefox one. However I'll do more tests soon and hopefully I will be able to release a more compatible bookmarklet version too.

Have fun, and please report if it works for you or not, thanks!