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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cafe World blocked stoves tip

When playing Cafè World the cook spends a lot of time passing from a stove to another so that it is difficult to optimize it and big time is wasted.
A very simple but effective way is to position all the stoves so that the cook does not have access to them. This is accomplished by rotating them so that access to the controls are blocked by the wall or another stove. Here is an example:

The result is that your cook will be able to do all the things on the stove without moving at all!!
This tip and using  superstoves are the best time killers for Cafe World.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Castle Age auto attack and auto defend cheat


While playing Castle Age on facebook you often choose a monster/dragon to fight and want to use all your stamina or energy in this fight. This can be a tedious task that requires a lot of clicking (depending on your energy/stamina) and also a lot of time as the game doesn't allow you to click too fast.
There is a simple trick that allows you to just set it up and come back after all your energy/stamina has been used.
First you have to install an auto reload extension in your browser:
if you use Google Chrome click here
if you use Firefox click here (you might have to restart your browser)

When you have the auto reload extension installed successfully go to Castle Age, choose your monster and do the attack if you want to use the stamina or dispel magic/defense/whatever if you want to use the energy.
After the first attack/defense you should see a link with the text "Attack again" or "Defend again" just below the attack result. Right click on that link and choose open in new tab or in new window as per your likings.
This new tab/window will have a full url that specifies the attack/defense action. Just set up this tab/window to be reloaded every time interval (be sure to use 10 seconds or more) and your character will fight the monster for you!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Auto accepting all requests and gifts in Mafiawars Castleage and others

Hello all.
When playing a lot of games on facebook and having a big army/neighbors number/whatever you often login to facebook to see dozens of request from each game. Accepting them all is a very time consuming process as it requires you to click, go to the game page, do something and get back to the request page and start again.

A way to automate this process exists and actually works really well. It supports a lot of applications on facebook (I think I actually never found an app that can not be handled this way) including Mafia Wars, Castle Age, Farmville, Cafè World. It is a bookmarklet from Josh Miller and can be found here.
It is really easy to use.
First point your browser to the bookmarklet page. Scroll down till you see the JGrabAllGifts box. Then bookmark this link (or drag it to the bookmarks bar if you are using Chrome).
After this, go your facebook home, click here to go to your facebook requests page. This steps is important because JGrabAllGifts works only if invoked from the requests page.
Now click on the bookmark you did before. The interface of JGrabAllGifts will appear on the right of the page. Now first click "scan page for apps I use". This will produce a list of application identifiers. Copy the ones you are interested in to the above box, select the max number of gifts to accept and click start. It is better to try just one gift first to see if it is working. It usually requires you to allow popups for the facebook site since it opens new windows to work. If you don't allow it, the gifts will be lost.
It is also a good idea to manually accept some gifts if they give you bonuses, like those of Mafia Wars do. When you got the daily bonuses, start JGrabAllGifts.

In the end, you'll enjoy JGrabAllGifts a lot. It is a great timesaver and it is updated often from the author. A very good tool!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Best way to cheat with Mafia Wars

Hello all.
Cheating with Mafia Wars has been made a lot easier by the introduction of the Mafia Wars Autoplayer script. It is a user script written for GreaseMonkey, an extension for Firefox that is now included in Google Chrome too.
The autoplayer is very complete and very up to date. You can leave it playing for you for hours. The only thing is that it will eat up some resources from your computer, so you might think to leave it running when your not using your pc if it is not a recent model.
The version for Google Chrome seems to be a little faster.

Now to the actual cheat.
If you are using Google Chrome, just go to the Mafia Wars Autoplayer for Chrome page and click  Install. You then might have to restart your browser and access Mafia Wars.
If you are using Firefox you have to install GreaseMonkey first. Go to the GreaseMonkey for Firefox page, click Download now and click on install when asked. Then restart Firefox, go to the Mafia Wars Autoplayer page and click Install.

By now you should see the autoplayer interface whenever you go to the Mafia Wars page.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tips and Tricks for Castle Age Facebook

These are a couple of websites with very good information on how to play the Castle Age on Facebook game.
First one is a collection of tips and you can find it at:

The other one is a complete wiki created by Castle Age users. You can find it at:

This site really has everything you wanted to know about the game. It is also always up to date.

I'm working on a cheat to auto add people to your Elite Army. Be sure to get back from time to time to see if I was able to complete it.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

ghost trappers auto hunt cheat using imacro

IMPORTANT: Seems like this iMacro is not working anymore, see below for details

Hey everybody.

It seems that around there is no cheat for the Ghost Trappers game on Facebook.
At least, I could not find one. So here it is a cheat that enables auto hunting for the game.
Beware that this will not allow you to avoid the captcha that the game shows every now and then and when it does you'll need to restart the cheat. So check the game at least every hour.

Now to the cheat. You have to use either Chrome or Firefox browsers and install the iMacros extension.
If you use Google Chrome download it here: iMacros for Chrome
If you use Firefox download it here: iMacros for Firefox

Now go to the Ghost Trappers game, activate the iMacros extension and record a new dummy macro by clicking the Record button and then clicking anywhere on the page.
Then stop the recording. This iMacro won't work. You need to change the code to have it working. Go to the macro list and click Edit Macro. Keep the first line (that should start with the VERSION command) and delete all the other lines. then insert these lines after the VERSION one:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:http://*hunt.php*

Here is what the final result will look like for the Chrome browser (Firefox has different version number):

TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:http://*hunt.php*
That is for a 15 minutes cooldown time. Those who are lucky to have a lower timer can change the SECONDS amount to what they need.
Now go to the game page, wait for the "Let's go Hunt" button to appear, click play loop for how many times you want and enjoy this autohunter!

WARNING! Please note that cheating and auto hunting is against game policy and that the game publishers could take action against you if you use it. I decline every responsibility if you use it.

Seems like the Ghost Trappers guys changed the game in October 2010, so this iMacro doesn't work anymore. Look here for an updated version!