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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

free castle age favor points

Now this is a nice surprise!
You are playing Castle Age like every day and have a look at your facebook news stream and find someone saying they've got 20 free favor points by clicking a link!
Now I just thought it was a scam of some kind, as there's plenty of this around...
Then I had a look at the link and noticed it was a CastleAge regular link...
So I tried it and, big surprise, it really worked!! Even though it works only once, it gives you 20 favor points for free. I would not give them away.

I want to share the link with you. Use this cheat, trick, bug or whatever you want to call it and tell your friends to use it too before CastleAge developers fix it!!!


  1. Its not a bug its a way for them to try and get people that left the game to come back and play. The good thing is you can give the link to anyone..

  2. Didn't worked for me any ideas why?? -.- For all my friends worked

  3. You probably have already clicked on another link that gives you those 20 favor points. I think that those links use all the same bug that can be used only once.

  4. It didn't work for me either :-( I didn't get the favor points

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