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Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's been a long time since I played some game on Facebook and thus updated this page. But things have been changing lately and I needed some play time so I started playing Castle Age again.
Wow, I was impressed by the number of things that changed in the game and all the additions they made. And I'm not that strong anymore. Not surprising, given that I did not play for a while.
I am still wondering what happened of the Elite Guard and how to get it back, if it is still possible. Anyone has some clue about it?

So how to make up with the lost time? But with a "cheat" obviously! And it's not really a cheat as they are not allowed in the game. But as Castle Age is already taking away so much time, I've come up with a way to save some with a friend. We're still experimenting with it but so far we were able to automate the gift sending process. This allows us to get lots of gifts for our armies or for Kobo, the Goblin Emporium, which will change ten of your items into a random (hopefully high level) item.
So far, we've been able to stock enough item to leverage Kobo for several days (he only allows for ten rolls
each day).

We will polish the technique and will post it when it's ready, hopefully in a few days time. For the moment, here are some preliminary instructions to have the tools you need so that you can be ready for next post!

In this sample setup, you will be using one computer and two Facebook Castle Age accounts. One for you and the other for your friend. The gift sender profile needs to use the Firefox browser. While the gift receiver one will use Google Chrome browser. If you don't have them, you can download them for free from here:

After you installed both browser, next step is to install some tools in each one of them. In Firefox, install the iMacros tool that you can download from here:

To install it, just click on the link and then on "Add to Firefox". Then restart Firefox after installing.

In Chrome, you need the Auto Reload extension that you can download from here:

To install it, just click on the link and then on "Add to Chrome"

Now we have the basic tools ready for next post!

Let's get in touch again in a few days. Cheers