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Monday, May 24, 2010

autohunt bookmarklet cheat for mousehunt

Hello everybody.
Mousehunt is another hunt (horn) based passive game on Facebook. To activate the trap to catch mouses you have to come back to the game every 15 minutes and sound the horn. Someone has create a bot to do the hunting for you that uses the greasemonkey javascript engine for Firefox or Chrome.
Instead of using the Mouse Hunt bot to play the game I changed my last autohunt bookmarklet code to autoplay Mousehunt. And it works really well.
This bookmarklet works in the same way the one for Ghost Trappers does. It redirects you to the Mouse Hunt Facebook game homepage if you are not there already (in this case remember to activate it again). Then it opens a new window/tab to the Mousehunt game where it does the auto hunt.

To use the bookmarklet, just bookmark it:
MouseHunt Autohorn
And click it twice. The first will take to the game page; the second will start the autohunt.

Please let me now if it works for you and if you think of any improvement!!

Have fun!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New AutoHunt bookmarklet script for Ghost Trappers

Hi everybody.

After developing the Autohunt iMacro described in my previous post and using it for a while I got tired of it because in Chrome (my main browser) the iMacros extensions has some annoying bugs.
Today I had a bit of spare time and decided to try an idea I have been having in my mind for a few days. It is basically an evolution of the Castle Age Elite Guard Autojoin I wrote some time ago and discussed here. It is a bookmarklet script that does the same thing the iMacro Auto Hunt does. But in a different way and has a big pro and some cons as well. The big pro is that it doesn't require a special extension anymore. Just bookmark it and click and use it and you're done. The cons is that due to how javascript programming works, it requires two browser windows instead of just one and the first window must not be closed or it will stop working. To prevent this, the script prints a warning a the head of the page so that you will know which one it is.
In the end, I feel it works better. Let me know if it works for you, what you think and of any possible improvement you can think of!

Here it is. Bookmark this link in your browser:

Ghost Trappers Autohunt

Then just click on the bookmark you just made to activate it.
Note: if with right click you see no "bookmark this link" option (as with Chrome), just try drag and dropping the link to the bookmarks bar.

Have fun!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Automatically send bulk gifts to friends on Castle age

Hello everybody.

With the recent additions to the CastleAge facebook game, it is pretty useful to have unused alchemy stuff. I'm talking about the goblin emporium where you are able to trade 10 unused alchemy item with a random object. This is really a good idea from the Castle Age staff to give importance to otherwise unused items.

What I'm about to describe is a nice hack (or cheat as some of you may call it) to gift a friend a very large number of objects automatically. You could also do it for yourself by using an additional Castle Age account but this is not recommended as it is against game policies to have more than one account per person.
I used for testing this hack two browser so that I could have two facebook accounts open at the same time, mine and that of my friend who helped me.

Before starting I installed this extensions on the browsers:

  • Chrome Refresh for Chrome (a new refresh icon will appear on the right of the address bar)
  • ReloadEvery for Firefox. Restart Firefox after installation (this extension adds a menu that actives when you right-click somewhere on the page)

The procedure is somewhat similar to what I described in a previous post.

Now take Firefox with facebook logged with your friend's account and go to Castle Age, then Army and Send Gifts tab. Choose the gift you want to bulk send (I suggest that you choose one that the Goblin Emporium accepts) and choose your own facebook account from the list. Proceed to send the gift until the answer from the game is "1 request sent".

Now keep Firefox like this and start up Chrome. Log in to your own Facebook account, head up to the friend request page and accept the gift your friend has just sent. Now comes the hack part: click on the Chrome Refresh extension icon, set 30 seconds and click start. Leave it refreshing like this.

Go back to Firefox, click on the arrow next to the reload icon, choose 30 seconds there too. Watch this reload process. Firefox will ask if you want the request data to be sent again with the refresh event. Say yes. Then it will ask again if you want the data to be sent at every refresh, say yes again.

The trick is done. As long as you keep both browsers like this you'll have a constant flow of gift from one account to the other. Just try to keep the volume low or else the developers could get suspicious and decide that what you do is against the policy and delete the accounts. You have been warned.

Have fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010

autohunt cheat for mousehunt on facebook

Hey all.
The MouseHunt game on facebook is really similar to the Ghost Trappers game and they both requires you to hunt every 15 minutes. It has been really simple to change the GhostTrappers auto hunt iMacro cheat (described here) to adapt it to MouseHunt and get an auto horn cheat.

Follow the instruction described in my previous post to install iMacros for your browser (Firefox or Chrome). These are the lines of the iMacro that have to be put after the first:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:*soundthehorn.php*

Pretty easy, wasn't it? I'll try to get other versions of these autohunt cheats that don't require the extension to be installed. Come back often for updates!

Have fun with your new MouseHunt autohorn cheat!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Autojoin your elite guard on Castle Age

Hello all.

When playing CastleAge on Facebook, you have to get back to the game very often.
Also, at least once a day you have to browse the Castle Age newsfeed for elite guard requests to populate your elite guard so that you are stronger in fights with the other players and deal more damage to monsters. This is quite boring and repetitive, also because if the other players elite guard is already full, you can't join it and have to look for other players.
As I play CastleAge every day, I had enough of this boring repetitive clicking. So I wrote a little javascript bookmarklet that could do the job for me. It's code it's pretty simple, and all it does is scan the page for elite guard join links and open them in new windows. It is a very rough hack so don't expect much from it. But it gets the job done.
Using it is very simple. Just bookmark this AutoJoinEliteGuard link with your favorite browser and go to the Castle Age Facebook newsfeed, elite guard section (or just click here: It won't work if you're not at that page. When the page has finished loading, just click on the AutoJoinEliteGuard bookmark and it will click on the links for you.
Warning, the script opens a new window for each elite guard join link it finds, so don't be scared. It usually opens more than twenty pages for me.
Wait for the pages to load and close them.

I'll try to get a more polite version as soon as I have some free time to work on it.

Let me know what you think of it!

Have fun