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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New AutoHunt bookmarklet script for Ghost Trappers

Hi everybody.

After developing the Autohunt iMacro described in my previous post and using it for a while I got tired of it because in Chrome (my main browser) the iMacros extensions has some annoying bugs.
Today I had a bit of spare time and decided to try an idea I have been having in my mind for a few days. It is basically an evolution of the Castle Age Elite Guard Autojoin I wrote some time ago and discussed here. It is a bookmarklet script that does the same thing the iMacro Auto Hunt does. But in a different way and has a big pro and some cons as well. The big pro is that it doesn't require a special extension anymore. Just bookmark it and click and use it and you're done. The cons is that due to how javascript programming works, it requires two browser windows instead of just one and the first window must not be closed or it will stop working. To prevent this, the script prints a warning a the head of the page so that you will know which one it is.
In the end, I feel it works better. Let me know if it works for you, what you think and of any possible improvement you can think of!

Here it is. Bookmark this link in your browser:

Ghost Trappers Autohunt

Then just click on the bookmark you just made to activate it.
Note: if with right click you see no "bookmark this link" option (as with Chrome), just try drag and dropping the link to the bookmarks bar.

Have fun!!


  1. It's not working for me (with Chrome). I have the page that says "THIS IS THE AUTOHUNT BOOKMARKLET. DON'T CLOSE THIS PAGE", but it does not hunt for me.

  2. That page will not change, that's ok. The bookmarklet will open a new page (in a tab or window depends on your browser) that will do the hunt. You have to leave them both open.
    If the bookmarklet does not open a new page in your browser, then maybe you have to allow popups.

  3. Should I bookmark this page's link or the direct link (Ghost Trappers Autohunt) you put there, because if it does, i dont know how to bookmark it T_T..

  4. You have to bookmark the Ghost Trappers Autohunt link, not this page one, and then click on this newly made bookmark to activate it. Then click on it another time after it has redirected you to the Ghost Trappers page.

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  6. It doesn't work for me with firefox. it doesn't do anything and just leaves the page. it doesn't hunt for me like you said it will

  7. Please try with the latest version. You can find it here:

    It works for me with firefox.
    Let me know if it still does not work for you

  8. hi there, can i cancel the "oh-uh" sound and how to prevent it from refreshing during capcha?