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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Updated MouseHunt bookmarklet bot


I have received some feedback from a user of my MouseHunt autohunt bookmarklet bot here telling me that the autohunt bot did not work.
After a while I was able to check and after the investigation I saw that MouseHunt programmers changed the hunt url and that broke my autohunt cheat. It could easily have been intentional and it probably broke many other cheat and the greasemonkey scripts too.
I was able to fix it quickly, it took just a while to test it before making this blog post.

So here it is the fixed MouseHunt autohunt bookmarklet bot:
MouseHunt autohunt bookmarklet cheat

To use it, use the same procedure described in my previous posts.
In short:
bookmark it
click on the bookmark once to be redirect to the game page
click on the bookmark another time to start the auto hunt.

I have been experiencing strange things when using the Chrome browser. In particular, the second webpage to the game (the one where the hunt are launched) is not refreshed by the browser when the script changes the url. So it seems that the cheat is not working. But just click on another window to the same game to see that it is actually running correctly.

Have fun

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New GhostTrappers autohunt bookmarklet version with variable timeout

Hi all. Having just recently got a new trap in Ghost Trappers that lowers my setup timeout from the standard 15 minutes of the game, I had to modify my autohunt bookmarklet bot to adapt to this new change.
I could easily change the code to timeout to 12 minutes (my actual setup) instead of 15 and that would have fit my needs but I decide instead to do a more general hack so that it could be useful to anyone instead of just me.
This new code will let you choose the timeout in minutes at the top of the page. What you need to do is just change the value if you need it and click on the start button to have it working. If you change the timeout value after it is already started, the next autohunt timeout will reflect the new value.

With this new code I have also hopefully fixed a very annoying memory leak that could cause the ghost trappers window to eat as much as 500 MB of memory. This should not happen anymore, but it will take a while to confirm this.

Also, I have notice that with recent versions of the Chrome browser, the ghost trappers autohunt window is not updated when timeout ends and it just seems like it stopped working. Actually this is not true as the autohunter is still working correctly as you can see by clicking on the camp link or by cheking the hunted ghost list. I don't know what is the cause of this bug at the moment.

Ok now here is the new Ghost Trappers Autohunt bookmarklet bot code. As usual, just bookmark this link and click on it to have it start:
Ghost Trappers Autohunt Bookmarklet v3

Have fun!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

levynlight autoplay bot

LevynLight is a game from HitGrab Labs, the same software house of MythMonger. It is pretty fun to play and seems to promise more fun as the game will go on. It is pretty new and still in open beta.
As it has the same play every 15 minutes requirements, I went and started writing a bookmarklet for it.
Unfortunately, LevynLight developers have created it in a way that my bookmarklets don't work. If someone has advice on how to do it, please tell me, I would really like to write one.
To get rid of this problem, I wrote an iMacro that autoplays the game.

I have also found that there is a way to embed iMacros in a link for the FireFox browser only.
So if you are using FireFox bookmark this link and click on the new bookmark whenever you want to run the bot:
LevynLight autoplay

If instead you are running Chrome, or want to insert the iMacro in your library, this is the code of the iMacro:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=ID:app377144924760_playbutton
When you have your iMacro in your iMacro library, set it to loop as many times as you want and click on Play Loop!

Friday, June 4, 2010

GhostTrappers monsters autoassist bookmarklet

Recently the developers of Ghost Trappers have added monsters to the game probably to get more social. Nice idea, but still in the early phases and not so appealing as little reward is given to any ghost monster helper. Also, the game feed is missing, thus you have no idea of who has a monster and needs help.
To work around this last problem, people have been creating facebook groups like this one where everyone post the link to his/her monster.
Now that is a good idea and works pretty well. But being pretty boring to click on each monster link and then on the assist button and being me very good at automating things, I wrote a new bookmarklet to help in this situation.
This GhostTrappers Monster Autoassist bookmarklet (as I named it :) ) works by gathering all the monster links it can see in the current page and open the assist link in a new window or tab. It will use just one additional window and change to the next monster every ten seconds. Also it is currently limited to the first 20 monster links it finds in the page.
Important: to use it you need to allow popups. Check your browser on how to do it.

Here is the GhostTrappers Monster Autoassist bookmarklet! Bookmark it an have fun!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

MythMonger autoplay bookmarklet

While looking around searching things about Facebook passive games like MouseHunt and Ghost Trappers, I came across another game of the same kind, MythMonger.
MythMonger is very similar in gameplay to the other games as you have to hunt or play every 10 minutes. Every time you encounter a card that is added to your collection if you win the duel. Then you can use these new cards to become stronger. The duels are influenced by the five elements rules (water kills fire, metal moves earth, water rusts metal, etc) so you have to choose what card is going to duel based on the kind of card you want to obtain.
It's nice but really slow.
That's way I already ported the autoplay (autohunt) bookmarklet bot to it! It has been easy as it works exactly like the other games.

So here is the MythMonger Autoplay bookmarklet bot. As usual with my bookmarklets, bookmark this link in the browser (by right clicking and choosing add bookmark, add favorite, bookmark this, whatever or by drag and dropping it on the bookmark bar), then click on the bookmark once to go to the game homepage, click on it another time to start the autoplayer. It will open a new window or tab where the autoplay will happen.

MythMonger Autoplay

Have fun!!