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Thursday, June 3, 2010

MythMonger autoplay bookmarklet

While looking around searching things about Facebook passive games like MouseHunt and Ghost Trappers, I came across another game of the same kind, MythMonger.
MythMonger is very similar in gameplay to the other games as you have to hunt or play every 10 minutes. Every time you encounter a card that is added to your collection if you win the duel. Then you can use these new cards to become stronger. The duels are influenced by the five elements rules (water kills fire, metal moves earth, water rusts metal, etc) so you have to choose what card is going to duel based on the kind of card you want to obtain.
It's nice but really slow.
That's way I already ported the autoplay (autohunt) bookmarklet bot to it! It has been easy as it works exactly like the other games.

So here is the MythMonger Autoplay bookmarklet bot. As usual with my bookmarklets, bookmark this link in the browser (by right clicking and choosing add bookmark, add favorite, bookmark this, whatever or by drag and dropping it on the bookmark bar), then click on the bookmark once to go to the game homepage, click on it another time to start the autoplayer. It will open a new window or tab where the autoplay will happen.

MythMonger Autoplay

Have fun!!

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