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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Auto accepting all requests and gifts in Mafiawars Castleage and others

Hello all.
When playing a lot of games on facebook and having a big army/neighbors number/whatever you often login to facebook to see dozens of request from each game. Accepting them all is a very time consuming process as it requires you to click, go to the game page, do something and get back to the request page and start again.

A way to automate this process exists and actually works really well. It supports a lot of applications on facebook (I think I actually never found an app that can not be handled this way) including Mafia Wars, Castle Age, Farmville, Cafè World. It is a bookmarklet from Josh Miller and can be found here.
It is really easy to use.
First point your browser to the bookmarklet page. Scroll down till you see the JGrabAllGifts box. Then bookmark this link (or drag it to the bookmarks bar if you are using Chrome).
After this, go your facebook home, click here to go to your facebook requests page. This steps is important because JGrabAllGifts works only if invoked from the requests page.
Now click on the bookmark you did before. The interface of JGrabAllGifts will appear on the right of the page. Now first click "scan page for apps I use". This will produce a list of application identifiers. Copy the ones you are interested in to the above box, select the max number of gifts to accept and click start. It is better to try just one gift first to see if it is working. It usually requires you to allow popups for the facebook site since it opens new windows to work. If you don't allow it, the gifts will be lost.
It is also a good idea to manually accept some gifts if they give you bonuses, like those of Mafia Wars do. When you got the daily bonuses, start JGrabAllGifts.

In the end, you'll enjoy JGrabAllGifts a lot. It is a great timesaver and it is updated often from the author. A very good tool!

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