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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Castle Age Elite Guard AutoFill updated

Finally I found some time to update one of the bookmarklets I use often. It is the Castle Age EliteGuard AutoFill (AutoJoin was the old name). For those who don't use it, it helps CastleAge players that need the bonuses given by having the Elite Guard full.
Basically the bookmarklet parses the list of the player friends that have sent a "join my elite guard" request and accepts them automatically up to a max of 40 requests.

This new version has been updated to be less invasive (the previous version opened way too much windows) and more accurate.

The bookmarklet needs to be invoked twice. The first will relocate you to the Castle Age game homepage on Facebook. The second invocation will start the true work.
It will open two other windows and you have to keep the three windows open, but you can minimize them without problem. At the end, the windows will close automatically and your EliteGuard will be full.

Here is the bookmarklet:

As usual, to use it, you have to bookmark that link by right clicking on it or by dragging it to the bookmarks bar (depends on your browser).

Have fun!


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