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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Castle Age Apprentice link gone

It has been a while now that the apprentice link from the homepage of CastleAge has gone.
But I still had to get some rewards from my apprentices and did not know how to get them. It was not nice, because there are some valuables between the apprentice rewards. Mostly are small energy refills and temporary attack and defense boosts, but there are also skill points and favor points too! There is also the general Chase, but you there are other ways in the game to get him, so that doesn't count that much.
Here is the Full list of apprentice rewards

Searching around, I was able to find an old link pointing to the Masters and Apprentice section of the game. And luckily, it is still working! It seems the removed just the link in the homepage but left all the logic working in the game.
That has been a good news.
Now go get any reward you have left: Castle Age Master and Apprentice

It seems to be working for successive rewards too!

Have fun!

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